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Web1040 Pro

Web1040 Pro’s innovative tax preparation software, Web1040 Pro, has been designed to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly experience. As a cloud-based product, Web1040 Pro removes many of the hassles encountered by conventional tax software. Tax preparers no longer need to download program updates or manage a complicated computer network. These tasks have been simplified in the online program, reducing the burden on preparers. This logic aligns with Web1040 Pro’s Mission Statement:

“Radically transforming the way people use technology, allowing them to spend less time on the things they have to do and more on what they want to do.”

Support Resources

Web1040 Pro users have access to many resources to help with both office setup and return preparation. In addition to this manual, users have access to:

Step-by-Step Guides – Whether the user is a new tax preparer or a seasoned professional, the Web 1040 Pro’s built-in guides will help the user navigate return preparation. Web1040 Pro has two entry methods available: Enter Myself or Guide Me. The first method allows for direct entry of data. The latter option asks an array of questions to help determine where taxpayer information is entered in the program. Guide Me is recommended for novice preparers.

  • Phone Support – Can be reached at (833) 932-1040. Phone support is available 9 a.m. -5 p.m. (CST), Monday through Friday. Extended hours for tax season begin in January.
  • Text Message Support – Can be reached at (713) 766-0916.
  • Email Support – Can be reached at info@myweb1040pro.com.
  • Fax Support – Can be reached at (877) 8848-0502.

Recommended Minimum System Requirement

Web1040 Pro is compatible with most operating systems. Unlike conventional software, users can access the program whenever and wherever they desire. For best results, the device being used must have the following.

  • Adobe Reader (version 10 or above)
  • TWAIN/WIA Compatible printer (laser for check printing)
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Compatible internet browser:

Internet Explorer 9 or later

Mozilla Firefox 36.0 or later

Google Chrome 40.0 or later

DIY Troubleshooting

In the event of a technical problem, there are several Do -It-Yourself fixes to minimize the impact of a localized issue. Prior to contacting our support staff, please walkthrough these troubleshooting steps. This may resolve the issue and save time for both the user and the taxpayer.

  • Log out of Web1040 Pro and close all browser sessions. Re -open the internet browser and log back into the software.
  • Switch to another internet browser. Open the new internet browser and log into the software.
  • Reboot the device being used. Re-open the internet browser and log back into the software.
  • Clear your internet cache (temporary internet files) under your internet browser settings.
  • Enable Java Script and allow pop-ups within your internet browser settings.
  • Disable any internet add-ons that raise security settings and add myweb1040pro.com to your browser’s trusted sites.
  • Check all physical connections to your computer – including the printer, network connections, and internet cables.
  • If your internet connection is down, you will not be able to access the tax program. Check your internet connection by going to any website other than your home page and the Web1040 Pro site. Contact your internet service provider for assistance in re-establishing your connection.

Note from our Support Team:

With the Tax Law still undergoing changes, we will update this user manual to reflect the most current tax laws as that information is released to us. The updated manual will be published to the Web1040 Pro Knowledge Base. If you have questions about the most up-to-date tax laws, please call our Customer Support team and we can assist.